Tri-benefits Food International L.L.C was founded in 2009 and located in Al alwear fruit and vegetable wholesale market, which is the largest agricultural wholesale market in the Middle East. With advantageous location in Dubai, excellent port resources, diversified market environment, scientific management and well-deserved reputation, Tri-benefits Food International L.L.C rised sharply and became the trustworthy sales platform for Chinese agricultural processing factories in the Middle East market.
    Over the years, the company has been committed to develop and study business model that sell agricultural products from Chinese farmers and factories directly to consumers in the Middle East. This innovative business model can reduce various intermediate link and let farmers or factories, who are not familiar with foreign language and foreign trade, sell their own processed high quality products to foreign consumer and get back payments fastly and safely, optimize resources integration, reduce resource waste in circulation links and finally realize profit maximization and loss minimization.
    Under the environment of economic recovery in the Middle East, Dubai Tri-benefits Food International L.L.C expanded its company scale rapidly. The company became the largest Chinese company in Dubai Al alwear fruit and vegetable wholesale market (the largest agricultural wholesale market in the Middle East), owning more than 100 regular staff from China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Cameroon etc. The average age of all staff is no more than 30 years old and all Chinese staff are high-educated and high-quality talents. The senior management staff had been settled down in Dubai for many years and have extensive market perceptivity and control ability. Under the cooperation of such a young and creative team, the company's sales performance has been increasing more than 50 % every year.
    In 2014, Tri-benefits Food International L.L.C established exclusive strategic cooperation relations with local supermarket UNION COP in Dubai to supply Chinese fruit and vegetables.
    In 2014, Tri-benefits Food and local community chain supermarkets like AL MAYA, WESTZONE, reached long-term supply agreement.
    In 2015, Tri-benefits Food concluded and signed cooperation agreement with large-scale foreign chain supermarkets GEANT and SPENEYS in Dubai.
    In 2015, Tri-benefits Food Distribution L.L.C enriched vegetable varieties and started to distribute fruits and vegetables for Chinese enterprises, ethnic Chinese supermarkets, overseas Chinese associations and Chinese restaurants.
    In 2016, Tri-benefits Food had become the largest Chinese enterprise in Dubai fruit and vegetable industry and has been occupying leading position in this industry for many years.
    Based on years of well-deserved reputation and excellent service, Tri-benefits had developed from its main Chinese products into sales situation of selling main Chinese products and complemented by products over the world. At present, Tri-benefits had established long-term strategic cooperation relations with more than 20 partners from Chinese, India, Egypt, South Afric etc, and gradually formed a strong alliance system and increased market share and market regulation. With unremitting efforts of all staff, our leading brands “YITIAN”“ONEDAYONE”“FU”“QINGTIAN” are accepted by more and more consumers. Relying on the platform of international metropolis Dubai and targeting to supply fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables to the world, Tri-benefits food will continue efforts and go forward for the achievement of next development and planning blueprint.
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